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About Us

Hub Gregory Consulting, Inc. is a corporation owned by William H. Gregory, EA. Gregory is retired from a career with the Internal Revenue Service. Gregory has been a business owner and tax professional for 16 years in addition to 32 years experience with IRS.

We are a full service tax firm that is fully equipped to provide accounting/bookkeeping, and business consulting services as well as the tax preparation and representation services. Hub Gregory holds a bachelors degree from Georgia Southern University.

Because of his management, collection, and examination experience with the Internal Revenue Service, Hub Gregory is knowledgeable of the internal procedures of the IRS and can relieve you of the stressful ordeal of contacting the IRS to correct errors on your account, make arrangements for you to pay tax or file delinquent tax returns, negotiate the release of wage or third party levies, and negotiate the release of tax liens filed on your property.

Emily Hancock, Enrolled Agent, joined our firm in 2011. She has 12 years experience prepairing tax returns and representing taxpayers before the IRS. Emily holds both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree from Georgia College and State University.

Once you engage Hub Gregory to represent you, he will handle all contact with the IRS except in rare cases!
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