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Are you struggling with IRS Problems? Call us at 904-448-3117 and free yourself! As enrolled agents (EA) we can work wonders at tax time or if you have tax troubles such as tax liens, wage and third party levies, or the IRS is charging you the incorrect amount of tax. We can help. Unlike other tax professionals, as enrolled agents, we are federally approved by the Department of the Treasury and can represent you before the IRS in any state. Our firm is owned and operated by a retired IRS manager who has over 47 years career experience in IRS operations, examination, and collection. Our firm specializes in federal taxation and as enrolled agents we each go through strict application procedure and continuing education to achieve the unmatched expertise we offer you today.

If you want to be free of your tax problems engage our firm. When you hire us we prefer to handle all IRS contacts and negotiations for you to reduce your stress. In most cases we are able to successfully resolve the IRS problems without your having any more contact with the IRS agents.

Do you have any of the following IRS Challenges?

Examination/Tax Audit Notices
Collection Notices
Substitutes for Returns
Tax Liens on Your Property
Collection Notices
Relief from Wage or Third Party Levies
Payroll Tax Problems
Relief from IRS Penalties
Innocent Spouse
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