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Notices of Levy and Seizure

If your property has been seized by the IRS, we can help. Wage and bank levies can be released based upon your circumstances. Also, if property has been seized, we can protect your interest during the sale, and in some circumstances, even get the property released.

Payroll Taxes Problems

If you are behind in your payroll tax deposits or your payments are misapplied and you are having difficulty dealing with the IRS, it is time to call Hub Gregory. We will order transcripts of your account and resolve the issues so that you pay the correct amount of tax and avoid future deposit penalties.

Relief from IRS Penalties

If there is reasonable cause, once we have helped you resolve your tax problems, we can request that the penalties be removed from your tax account.

Innocent Spouse

Generally, both you and your spouse are responsible, jointly and individually for paying any tax, interest, or penalties due on your joint return. In some cases, a spouse or former spouse may be relieved of liability on a joint return.

Appeal Process

If you disagree with the decision of an IRS employee, you may ask that employee’s manager to review your case.

If you disagree with the manager’s decision, you have the right to file an appeal to the Appeals Office. Hub Gregory is an expert in the appeals process. We appeal audits, liens, levies, and other IRS actions.
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