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   We Will Assist You With Any of the Following IRS Issues:


If your return is selected for examination, it does not suggest you made an error or are dishonest, although getting that letter causes stress. Your return may be examined for a variety of reasons, and the examination may take place in any of several ways.

Frequently, the proposed tax recommended by the IRS agent is excessive. Our firm can ensure that you pay only the correct amount of tax. We do this by taking your supporting documents and organize the information in the format required by the agent.


Once the correct amount of taxes owed is determined, Hub Gregory will guide you through the Internal Revenue Service collection process. If you owe taxes that you cannot immediately pay, we can find the solution that best fits your circumstances. We can obtain one of the following solutions:

  • Installment agreement
  • Short-term extension to pay
  • Report your tax account currently not collectable
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Help you find a way to fully pay your taxes

Substitute for Return (SFR)

If you become delinquent in filing your annual tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service may have filed a substitute-for-return for you by using the income reported to them by those who paid you wages or other monies. In those cases the taxes are usually overstated. Hub Gregory will take action to ensure that you pay only the correct amount of taxes.
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